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Applicant Screening For Landlords

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This service is to assist landlords who prefer to have a professional company oversee the application process. By agreeing to the terms below and providing the information and payment required, you are requesting Wilcher Properties Group to screen your applicant(s). We will provide you a written recommendation(s) of your applicant(s) based upon all the findings of the supporting documentation provided by the applicants. Wilcher Properties Group does not guarantee the results and you are not bound by these recommendations or limited to the information provided.

If you would like for us to screen applicant(s):

  1. Please provide the information in the form.
  2. Click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page to agree to the terms listed.
  3. Follow the link below provided in the message prompt to complete payment via Paypal. The cost is $125.00 for up to 4 applicants and an additional $5.00 for each extra applicant.

Please allow 72 business hours upon applicant providing ALL requested information for a response.

It is the owner's responsibility to notify Wilcher Properties Group of acceptance or rejection of applicant within 72 business hours of receipt of completed package. Please provide response via email at

Landlord's PayPal link for Applicant Screening

Please fill out the "Request a Screening" form and provide a digital signature BEFORE following the PayPal link and providing payment.

Payments for: Process My Apps

Request a Screening


"They are knowledgeable professionals who look out for our best interests. They find the right tenant and are available at all times and answer questions promptly. I recommend to anyone who is looking for a property manager."
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