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Fix it Yourself

  • Q: Adjusting Hot Water Temperature

    Look on the front of your water heater for a dial that is similar to shown in picture. Caution: "HOT" is very hot and will burn your skin and endanger you and your family.

  • Q: Air Conditioner Filter Change

    It is very important to turn off the unit first before changing the filter. Make sure the filter size is correct before changing because a wrong size could ultimately make a unit inoperable. Videos are available on - search "change air conditioner filter".

  • Q: Breaker Box & Subpanel

    The breaker box is where many of the safety control switches are located for a house. Many times something won't work in the home because a breaker has "tripped". Click it off and then back on. Often times this will correct the problem. NOTE: If this continues, please call us as this means the breaker may need to be replaced.

  • Q: Condensation Line on HVAC

    Is the condensation line dirty and overflowing with water? These lines can get clogged and need to be cleaned out. The easiest way to see if they are dirty is to (1) remove cap if applicable, and then (2) either look in the line or place your finger in opening (see photo above) to see if you feel water. If you feel water, then let us know so that someone can clean out the line.

  • Q: Dryer Not Drying Clothes

    Often times a dryer has a blocked vent which in turn will not allow your clothes to dry. Pull the dryer away from the wall just a small amount. Look behind and see if there is a kink in the line or if it has become disconnected. Also, check the amount of lint in the line. Any of these could be the problem with an easy fix.

  • Q: Electric HVAC System

    This is an electric HVAC system as opposed to gas. The way to differentiate is that there is no gas line coming into the electric unit.

  • Q: Electrical Outlet - Arching

    This is what a plug looks like if it has been arching or shocking. If it continues, it will cause a fire. It is important that an electrician look at this immediately. 

  • Q: Garbage Disposal Reset Button and Hex Screw

    This is the bottom of a disposal in the kitchen sink. Pictured is the reset button (red) and the hex screw (middle). A hex screw can be manually turned when something is jammed in the system. This will sometimes return the unit to functioning status. NEVER put ANYTHING in the hex screw hole while the unit is on. Make sure the unit is turned OFF.

  • Q: Gas Meter

    The gas unit outside your home has a control lever to allow gas in the house or shut it off. Shown is in the ON position. If it were in the East/West position, it would be in the OFF position.

  • Q: Gas Valve

    Gas line open and operational. If it is going across the gas line, the gas is shut off. Pictured is in the "on" position.

  • Q: GFI Breaker

    This is a GFI breaker located inside the breaker box. This is located inside the breaker box instead of on the actual GFI outlet (like photo below).

  • Q: GFI Reset Button

    This is a GFI outlet. Shown are the "test" and "reset" buttons. Many times, this unit controls several plugs/outlets which are all on this same circuit. In addition, this unit will come with red and black buttons.

  • Q: Pilot Light on Water Heater

    Most new water heaters will show you how to light the pilot without using matches. Follow the instructions and look for the pilot light button that will look similar to the light shown in photo.

  • Q: Pressure Release Valve (PRV) on Water Heater

    This is a picture of a pop-off valve on a water heater (front of photo). The water valve which is similar to an outside water spigot controls the water coming into the water heater (rear right).

  • Q: Shutting off Water at Street

    This is what it looks like if you lift the lid in the yard. Look at the arrow in the photo. If it is the same direction as the pipe, it's on. If its going opposite of the pipe, it's off.

  • Q: Toilet Running Continuously

    Open the top lid of the toilet and look to see if the flapper is closed. Sometimes it will stay upright (not closed) or be out of alignment just a bit. This will in turn allow water to keep going down the drain. Sometimes the floater "ball" is in need of adjustment.

  • Q: Water Meter Location

    Water meter and shut off valve are normally located in your front yard close to the street. Most will look similar to the one in the picture. YouTube provides videos on how to turn off your water meter.

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