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Policy Changes

Effective January 1, 2017, partial charge for detailed CCR Inspections:
Effective Jan 1, 2017, a fee of $55 will be charged to Landlords to offset the extraordinary time and effort required to complete a CCR (Current Condition Report) inspection.  NOTE: cost to the public for this inspection is $225. 

Effective December 2016, courtesy Charge for advanced purchases made by WPG:

Effective December 1, 2016, any advanced purchases made by WPG will be subject to a 4.96% courtesy charge for the receipt amount.

Effective August 2016, Maintenance Small Repair Price Updates:

A few changes in prices: Fire Extinguishers are $60 each including installation. Smoke Detector batteries are $7.00 each. Battery operated smoke detectors are $25 each installed.  Hardwired and battery operated units are $45 each installed.  Hardwired and battery backup plus carbon monoxide detectors with installation are $80 each.  Carbon Monoxide plug in detectors are $45.  Air filters are $15 each.  Regular incandescent or CFLs are $7.00 each and flood lights, LED's, appliance, halogens and fluorescent are $15 each. Errand are $55 for 1.00 hour and $45 after.  Trip charges to troubleshoot or evaluate are $45 up to $75, depending.  Key copies are $5.50 each plus $10.  

[On all of the above changes, additional charges may apply.] 


Effective October 2013, Maintenance Company:

Effective in October 2013, WPG is very excited to announce our sister company, A Man in a Van, LLC, a Maintenance and Inspection company.  This new company gives Wilcher more flexibility to perform the services you need plus most services you request.   In addition to your investment property, we can help with your personal home, neighbor's or family member's home.  Give us a call at 770-587-9300.

September 2013, Payments Applied to Oldest Open Invoice:

Effective September 1, 2013, any payment applied to a tenant account will go towards the oldest open invoice first and move forward to current rent due.  If the balance is not paid in full, the result will be the rent is not paid in full and therefore a late fee will be applied to the current open balance.

August 2013, Vendor Repair Bills:

Owners / landlords will pay for vendor repair bills each month. When tenants are at fault, they will reimburse owners through the WPG Owners account. 

June 2013, Tenants Portal is Available:

Tenants can log into their portal to see balances, pay rent and put in trouble tickets.  Whether from the computer or smart phone, we have now made it simple to use.  Look for a letter in the mail for your username and temporary password.  

June 2013, Funds Available for Projects:

Owners must send funds to their accounts prior to work beginning. WPG will not provide the funds to you or the vendor.

November 2012, Landlords Portal Accepting Credit Cards:

Effective immediately, Landlords portal will allow for cash advances or to pay for a repair with credit cards.  Our 3rd party partner will allow you to pull from your credit card and will put the funds into your account.  The traditional credit card or debit card fees will be in addition to the amount you request.  

June 2012, Projects and Repairs: 

Any repair greater than $300 and requires an inspection(s), supervision, follow up, or bidding, WPG will add 10% to the price of the invoice. Any larger project where WPG is supervising or running a project is a separate program and fee structure. 

May 2012, Collections: 

Monies collected from a collection agency will repay any such expenses incurred by WPG first & remaining monies are split as percentages detailed in the management agreement. If WPG collects from former tenants in-house, the industry standard of 30% collection fee comes off the top and the balance is applied to the landlords account

February 2012, Vendor Bill Payments:

Payments to Vendors:  Landlords will pay vendor bills for work completed at their property each month.  If tenant is at fault, the tenant will reimburse the landlord account through the monthly payment, even if this puts the rent in arrears.  Late fees will be assessed for any unpaid rent.

December 2011, Property Errands:

Wilcher will be charging for minor supplies to properties such as fire extinguishers and smoke detectors.  In addition, property errands and owner requests may also be billed to owner.  This will be at either a flat rate of $45 or $45 per hour plus the cost of the supplies.   Rates are subject to change.  

June 2011, Affiliated Business Disclosure:

Brokerage is a full service real estate company.  Broker, affiliates and agents may receive benefits from affiliations in the real estate related fields including but not limited to remodeling/repairs, insurance or mortgage brokering, home warranties, project management, relocation, consulting, appraisals, advertising, MLS affiliations. You are advised that you may seek other services or compare costs of services in these related fields and do business with whomever or wherever you wish. 



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