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Client and Tenant Testimonials

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  • “I tried to manage the fee simple town home rental in north Fulton for 12 years. The head aches and concerns were a constant pain, distraction and worry, until I was referred to the Wilcher organization. They have been a "Godsend" for me me and I highly recommend them. A recent "Tenant Turnover" was executed flawlessly, keeping me advised of progress and arranging a couple of needed repairs and upgrades. For an "Absentee Landlord" the distance used to be overwhelming.”
    -Jim B.

  • “You have been so incredibly helpful, I am so thankful to you because you were able to get information that I never could. For instance Tom did not reply to my email. I am so happy to have been referred to Wilcher, it really makes a difference in a time like that! "
    -Christine C.

  • “No questions! You and Wilcher Properties came through for me again. You guys did great. Please let Marc know how pleased I am.”
    -Rich J..

  • “I sincerely appreciate good service and business advice when I get it and I have certainly received that from Alma. This property has been hell for me and I know it's just a matter of working out the kinks but through all that, Alma has been a blessing. She's has the perfect attitude as far as I am concerned and someone I am happy with representing me. I did very well picking you guys to represent me. I wish I had done as good a job picking the contractor that worked on the house. I just wanted to say she's a credit to your company. ”
    -David M.

  • “Thanks for the note, Marc. Also, I meant to mention this earlier, but I wanted to thank you for having my sink repaired. Ed (repairman) was great and worked in the evening for quite a long time (around 4 hours or perhaps a bit more)! I love my old cast iron sink, but unfortunately it took a lot of patience and several trips to the hardware store to complete the job, as it presented several challenges. ”
    -Ashley C.

  • “You were so kind to stay and send me the application last Friday. It was late - and you had had a stressful day. I told Marc how much I appreciated what you did. Thank You! ”
    -Betty F.

  • “I hope the difficult parts of the past year were not too difficult. I would like to think of you and the kind folks at the office having bright and sunny days. You guys have been such a blessing to Pete and I. I feel like you all are a kind of gift to us. Thank you so much for the wonderful care you give to my properties and my renters. We are renting a property without an agent. I cannot believe the things we have had to do here in just such a short time. I am very thankful that you guys are there for our renters. ”
    -Carol and Pete M.

  • “Thank you sooooo much for your help and checking a few things out yesterday. You were such a HUGE help and you are greatly appreciated. ”

  • “Thank you so much for all your hard work in getting me into my new home. I love it here and could not have done it without you.”
    -Hillary P.

  • “Alma is a superstar! You are good, but she is someone who can handle me.”
    -Brenda S.

  • “Will you send me some of your business cards. I want to drop some off at The Barclay's office manager and tell her what a great job you did. Also, i raved about you to my family so i want to give my brother's your card. you never know who they might know. Thanks again for a job well done! ”
    -Rita G.

  • “I just wanted to let everyone know that we have an AWESOME property manager right here in our office. I have had the pleasure of working with Marc Chernau on two properties. He is so professional and really goes above and beyond for his clients. Because he has worked so hard for his clients they now think I am fantastic since I referred them to him. Please keep Marc in mind for any homes that need property management!!! By the way, Marc did not ask me to do this I just felt everyone needed to know that we have such a strong asset in our office. ”
    -Ashley S.

  • “We are soooo happy and sooooo excited, we still cannot believe it...Our hearts are filled with the true meaning of Joy and Peace that we will have our perfect home before Christmas. We cannot THANK you enough for all your support and patient during this time in our lives. We want to personally thank you for making it possible for us.”
    -Janette C.

  • “Your knowledge of the local market is impressive. Thank you for your attention to detail, your consistently quick response times and your ready willingness to do whatever needed doing. We always felt confident that you were safeguarding our interests while also being fair with potential buyers. We are pleased with the outcome of the sale and look forward to doing business with you in the future.”
    -Doug and Eva A.

  • “The real estate boom that occured over the last few years led (to) several unqualified & unmotivated people to become realtors, making it even harder to find a good one. Marc (and his team) is highly committed to his profession and is an extremely talented real estate agent. Besides that, he's a great person, someone you will enjoy being associated with. If you are looking to sell or buy a home, we encourage you to talk with him.”
    -Mike and Nancy W.

  • “I have settled in nicely and am loving living here.”
    -Neal D.

  • “When the buyers agent left in the middle of the sale, you picked up his slack and kept things rolling without complaint. In what could have been a potentially difficult close, you stepped up and handled the situation with such professionalism! Thank you.”
    -Mike & Sharon B.

  • “When referred to you, we were feeling discouraged because of difficulties with the inattentive and unprofessional agent with whom we had been working. Immediately we were impressed by your commendable work ethic. You took your time and never pressured us. Above all, you reminded us to enjoy the process while leaving the hard work for you to handle behind the scenes.”
    -Onur A. & Tamara M.

  • “Wanted to get back with you regarding our phone conversation today. As I was saying I felt the guys did a really good job with the tile and as well as their cleanup. They seem like good guys to do business with. Thanks also to you for your coordination efforts..”
    -Thanks, Dana and Chuck

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